What is Iwriter

Iwriter is an online platform where writers meet people who are willing to outsource their work. Requestors outsource their job due to time constraints; desire to have a different voice speak in your blog through writing. In return, writers earn some bucks as stated in the project.
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Iwriter has different classes of writers depending on their level of writing experience. A beginner starts at the standard scale. To get a promotion to the next level which Is the premium level, one should write at least 30 high- quality articles.
Maintaining the consistency by the writer attracts good ratings, they, therefore, move to elite and finally to elite plus level. With graduation from one level to another, comes the opportunity to access more projects and earn more money than in the previous level.
If a writer wins the heart of any requestor and earns a special request, that translates to an additional 5% earning per complete article.

Why outsource ?

Do you own a blog and in need of content to post in the blog? Here are the reasons why outsourcing in Iwriter will be a great idea;
  •  A vast pool of writers from which to choose. Depending on how smooth you structure your instructions, project completion might be within a short period. Don’t scare away writers with too many, strict and vague guidelines.
  • If a project isn’t up to standard, you can reject it and assign to another writer.
  • The many writers can accomplish multiple projects for you concurrently.
  • Did you get impressed by an individual writer? Pick them as a favorite writer’ to have excellent articles flowing to your blog.
  • Compared to other platforms like Upwork, Freelancer.com, this platform is not expensive. Blogging is made easy by outsourcing your blogs from Iwriter.

Price Range

While placing blogging projects, requestors pay a certain set amount.
65% of the amount goes to the writer as earnings. As earlier stated pay increases with advancement in levels.
For a 500 words project, the standard writer earns $2.15; premium writer earns $3.90, an elite writer makes $7.17 while an elite plus writer pockets a $25.35.
An article with more words earns more money while one with few words earns less.
Example, from a 1000 words an elite writer bags $13.16 while an elite plus writer earns$46.80.
However, even this platform isn’t perfect. Outsourcing for a blog will face its fair share of challenges like inconsistencies in the quality of blog posts produced. Additionally, Iwriter is not sufficiently scalable instead it has more room for improvement.
If your vision is to run an authoritative blog, Iwriter must not be your primary outsourcing site. Instead, invest in other more competitive writers platforms.

My Conclusion

Whether you are a business start-up or a blogger in need of outsourcing, it is necessary you know what Iwriter is. Outsourcing is an excellent opportunity for a blogger and Iwriter offers them great benefits.
Wondering how much writers earn from Iwriter?
Writer’s experience, the number of words they write and quality of work produced determine how much they receive.
Check out my Link and visit Iwriter. Look around and see if it’s something for you. And if it is…I’m glad I could help.
Thank you all and to your success building Your Path To Your Wealth !!

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