It is one of the biggest goals for any blogger whether pro or novice to get more traffic and especially organic traffic to their blog. So what bothers them to reach this goal. In this article, we are trying to understand the root cause and suggest proven methodological ways that can boost traffic to your blog in 2019.

For bloggers everything starts with content and hence to increase the blog traffic, one must provide quality content which can attract the audience to read their blog and engage them for longer. Following are some steps dedicated to those who have trouble boosting their blog to the next level. 

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Optimizing the search for SEO

(Search Engine Optimization)
Conducting outreach and building high-level inbound links to your site
repurposing the content and increasing click-through rate.

Understanding audience persona

Understanding audience persona is an integral part or rather the most important step to increase the blog traffic.
By the help of this research, blogger comes to know about the type of people interested. Create a spreadsheet where a blogger can track the top readers. 
Identify the people and include personal details such as email address, gender, and track via Instagram/ facebook and get to know about everything.

Use online forums and groups to grow
Produce the blog content consistently
Decide how often the blog would be posted.
Mark it on a calendar and also decide which blog would be posted in when
Stop writing content which does not appeal the readers. Many of the bloggers have tried to put up the quality content on their blog but they are struggling to find good traffic. There are a few ways by which traffic can be increased.

Below are the few techniques by which one can increase the client base.

1.Retarget the content
Now what is the retargeting here is to reuse the content which has delivered superb result or more comments or more views in past.
One can always reframe or restructure the same content again or best way is to update it and present to the wider community.
Also try to modify the format, way of presentation. Like, create an ebook, PPT presentation or maybe even a video walkthrough and many such.

2.Email marketing
Bloggers should have a list of email subscribers and the best way is to grow the clients who can read, share and know the meaning of your content.
Start sending thoughtful yet meaningful and interesting emails to your reader. This will create an instant connection and will bring you more value.
Often found that similar sort of websites can be referred to other relatives, friends who have a similar kind of interest. Add the autoresponder so that no communication is missed. Check one of the known autoresponders below.

3.Create a series of posts 
It is just like creating a web series. Nowadays so many web series are flooded across Netflix and other media. Creating the engaging series is the key and picking up the niche which can relate to people can be the vital thing here. Try to select a relevant and regular topic, create the series of posts but in a sequential manner so that one after one posts can be scheduled. It will really boost up the interest of readers and some creativity will always bring more visitors. Keep in mind that it provides good information and most importantly the relevant to current affairs/technology/lifestyle/motivational etc.

4.Participation in active community
Make yourself active and try to be part of the global community by writing guest posts, an expert writer and much more. Be a community moderator, editor and try to build up connections around different topics which will eventually help to grow traffic to own blog/website. 
One can post blogs on Quora, put down good article over LinkedIn and many other ways that will add credibility as a blogger and more people will get to know about the website/blog.

Some Bonus Tips :
Provide your blog links to Instagram influencers, V-loggers, youtube marketers who are into the marketing of similar subjects by that way it can reach to a wider audience very quickly and in return you need to pay some share to them. Do keyword research when writing the blog. Content should be entertaining. Build a contact list and find potential readers. While communicating with readers, make the email subject straight forward. Try to make yourself stand out in the crowd. While restructuring the content, focus on the main message and delete the remaining things which work as an adjective.

Every blogger has to combine these steps in various combinations to boost the blog traffic to the next level. Each blogger has faced a decrease in blog traffic at some point in their career as a blogger and hence it is normal. It should not stop one with a passion to write and share what they feel with the readers. All in all, follow the steps provided and it will boost your blog traffic to a higher level.

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