Time management and planning are the two things you have to master in a very short period of time. Here are 3 must have tools when having an online business to help you build. Remember that by being organized you will be able to keep track of your progress.





This is a must have and brilliant tool I use when I’m at the office to write down my ideas and synchronize them at home on my desktop or laptop. I can even share my ideas with other people so they can add some points to my post.

It’s very easy and it saves you time. Instead of writing things down on a piece of paper, witch you can loose during the day, now you can type it either on a desktop or on your phone wherever you are at any given time. I highly recommend this tool for everybody in any business. But especially for you bloggers, this is a must have tool.



Zoom is where my team and I hold weekly meetings. A lot of groups these days use this tool to communicate with each other. Even the pro’s use it to hold seminars and business meetings. It has a good video and audio quality. It is free and anybody can use it. This is a great tool to start with when you are having your first Webinars or just having a chat with team members.



Bitly is the perfect tool to shortened your URL’s . It’s very easy to use. It even gives you the option to change the default link to a more personal one. I use it almost every day when sharing my posts on twitter. Especially for twitter users this is a must have tool, since your almost always struggling with the amount of characters you are allowed to use.


All these are free tool you can use to help you keep your business running. They are easy to use. Make a free account and look around to get to know the product. They are also available as an app for your smart device.


Take care , and take action!!


Giorgio Boekhouder

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