Are you one of those people who are afraid to talk to strangers?

If so, here are two simple but effective strategies you can start to apply.


  1. How to Start a Good Conversation

    If you want to succeed in Network Marketing it is very important that you learn to communicate with people.

    You see….

    We as Network Marketers are also educators. Our job is to educate people to the point that they understand what it is that we have to offer whether it is an opportunity, product or service.

    And in order to educate you need to have a strong communication skills. Click on this link to get a few tips on how to start a good conversation with anyone and also how to start a conversation with different types of people.


  2. The Importance of Empathy in Everyday Life

    This short video is going to demonstrate to you the importance of empathy. During a conversation there will be subconscious empathetic reflexes that we all experience without thinking.

    But to truly be empathetic one must actively think about the concerns of the other. Watch this video by Devin Clark to get my point.


By sharing today’s post I hope you now have enough tools to go out there to talk to strangers. Don’t try to get the next prospect , but educate them to the point they understand the business. Share valuable information on a regular basis and make them trust you.

Never start a conversation with ” Hey you need to join my business now”. Just have a conversation and listen to what the other has to tell you.

And if the conversation is leaning in towards what it is you do for work and you find out during that conversation that they are looking for something better, then you can start asking questions like “Have you ever consider starting a business for yourself ?”.

Take it from there…….


If the answer is”No”, simply ask why. Find out why they didn’t do it, or don’t think it’s something for them. And same thing if the answer is “Yes”. Find out what happened.

Maybe they are still in business  but things are going slow. Always answer with an offer for a solution.

What ever you do……..don’t rush it……

Feel where the conversation is going. But to be able to do this you have to be able to lead the conversation. So make sure you check out the hacks I shared with you today and go out there and start talking to people.


Till next time.

Giorgio boekhouder

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