In this short blog post I am sharing with you 3 video’s I PERSONALLY RECOMMEND you to watched before I started blogging.
  1. 10 Quick Tips for Bloggers

    The first one is in my opinion the most important one. In this short video you will get 10 quick tips for beginners.Just sit back, have a pen and paper ready and enjoy. Just don’t forget to take action after watching these videos. Nothing is going to happen if you don’t take action.
  2. How To Share Your Blog Post on Facebook

    Now that you are ready to start blogging you need to know how to share it on a social media platform if you wish to do so. I recommend you to start a new Facebook group so you can share your new blog posts and create a platform for your followers to interact with each other. The reason why, is because Facebook is one of the platform most people share posts on and where most people connect with each other on a social basis. You can also use Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn to share your blog. There are a lot of video’s on Youtube to show you how.
  3. The SEO ranking factor you MUST master in 2017

    This is the last video for today never the less a very important one.
    As I mentioned before in my other blog posts knowing what you want to blog about is the most important thing. After that comes learning how to start blogging. This video is all about the SEO’s which are going to make your blog stand out and make people want to stay on your site. These are simple tactics you can use to launch your site to the top.


That’s all for today.!!


Giorgio Boekhouder.



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