The Secret Code of Success

Most Americans spend millions of dollars on books and e-books promising to make them successful in their life but very few of them can life their dream life whereas most of them remain unsuccessful. Main reason behind this failure is not the lack of information or motivation but their attraction to the concept How To’ which encourages them to try one more chance. But, according to Noah St. John, a productivity expert and author of The Secret Code Of Success, blockage in emotional and subconscious aspects of mind can be the main reason that stops you to achieve your real dreams, ambitions and hopes.
On the basis of the experiences of thousands of people globally he has created an outstanding e-book The Secret Code of Success’ that can help you to achieve your wealth, happiness and success in the long term in a step-by-step manner.

7 secret of success

In the Secret Code of Success, Noah St. John has revealed 7 secret that can help you in achieving every success in your life. These secrets are briefly described here under for your consideration.
Afformations: The word Afformation’ is quite different from Affirmation’. According to Noah, one cannot make his brain fool by saying that he is healthy and happy and people like him very much. Such questions actually compel your brain to work on them. Your brain starts creating and finding out evidences of your happiness when ask yourself about the secret of your happiness.
Are you protecting, pleasing or punishing someone? This secret code is highly based on psychological facts. According to it, one can never get what he wants to achieve if you go on protecting, punishing or pleasing people around you as well as yourself throughout your life. You can start moving towards your goal just by finding out if you are protecting, punishing or pleasing someone.
Learn to say no: One should stop pleasing people around him as it cannot make you happy in the life. You can easily free your money, energy and time just by learning when and where to say no to yourself. This No should be for addictive things including smoking, food and spending excessively etc. as all such things are depriving you to get what you want to get in your lifetime. You can also use No to say to the people who ask you for getting money, energy and time. You should also say No to all the activities that can distract you from the right track for you.
Detect your Because: According to Noah, Self Actualization’ of Maslow is actually Your Because’. You can clearly know the purpose of your life after removing unnecessary trashes from your brain. One of your because can be that you can be the best person by making efforts in this direction
The Secret Code of Success, by the way also in audiobook offers a number of benefits by helping you in learning how to make more money along with eliminating the causes of fear that is damaging your success. It also helps in learning the ways to improve relationship with your family, friends and coworkers along with increasing your personal productivity considerably by removing your stress. You can also learn how to increase the feelings of connection, love and happiness from this eBook. Moreover,it gives you a feel to read its hard copy while enjoying a cup of coffee.
Thus, while discussing the secrets of getting happiness, wealth and success in his Book, The Secret Codes of Success, Noah has guided people to be successful in their life without over stressing themselves.