Simple and powerful tips for starter entrepreneurs

Starting a new business is extremely difficult, so some guidance in the beginning is always welcome. Some entrepreneurs are to stubborn to learn from the mistakes others already made. Some are to proud to seek for advice. There is a reason why only 10% of startups succeed. There are also many things you can do to make sure you belong to that group. It’s a hard knock life… a starting entrepreneur.
Make sure you listen and learn from others…
You never know when those successful in the business will share some priceless nuggets. They can teach you what to expect and how to deal with potential problems. Read their books, attend their webinars or seminars and follow them on social media. Be open to suggestions.
A niche is a specific area of marketing which has its own particular requirements, customers, and products. Don’t get frustrated trying to invent a new niche. Find one that already exists and concentrate on your target audience. You can always invent something later on. But make sure you feel comfortable with the niche you choose.

Planning is key….
Without a plan your business is doomed to fail. I advice you to set some goals for the long term as well as some flexible ones you can tweak as you get more experienced. An example of a long term plan is to reach 10.000 visitors 1 year from now by posting twice a week. An example of a flexible plan is deciding which platform you are going to use to start blogging on. Always have room for improvement.
Don’t be afraid to fail……
Failure is a part of the learning process. I heard Les Brown once say in a motivational speech that you got to make sure to land on your back when falling, cause as long that you can lookup… can stand back up. Now that is powerful…                        Everyone fails at some point in their career. See and experience this as a teaching moment. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, understand that this is just a learning opportunity. Be grateful, learn from it and make improvements.

Only focus on the things you are able to control….
Choose perspectives that serve you. Feed your mind only with positive messages that serve you while working towards those goals you have set. Keep reminding yourself from time to time why you are doing what it is you are doing. This will help you stay focused. Keep in mind that the only way to really fail is if you quit for good. Everything else is just a delay or a learning moment. As long as you’re learning and improving you will be alright.
Make sure you do good research. Talk to as many people in the business and your chosen niche as possible. Read books about network marketing and self-development. Listen to motivational speakers. These are all small and easy tasks you can do to improve yourself. Get yourself in the right state of mind and believe that you can do this.

Keep working on your dreams  and don’t you ever ever give up !!

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