There are almost a billion people who log on Facebook daily.Twitter has over 270 million active users and YouTube has over a billion users.

I just mentioned all the reasons you need to know why you need to take advantage of social media channels to promote your business or products. Today we will be talking about some of the top social media networks and what their power is.


Let’s start with Facebook…

I don’t think we need to talk about who started Facebook or what it’s worth today. These are thing you can google for yourself. But ….did you know that Facebook today is used by companies and businesses to house their collection of pages to share updates and offers with you…their fans?

By liking their page you opted into receiving updates from them. Facebook also uses it’s own PPC ad network. This is a billion dollar yearly revenue generator. There are countless strategies for generating free and paid traffic from Facebook between social interaction and ad network. 

Facebook often change their terms and conditions, so be sure to stay updated when it comes to this. Otherwise your ad can be banned within a short period of time due to their quiet rolling out of updates to their terms and conditions. But is you make sure you operate within their terms, Facebook will be a highly profitable source of income.


YouTube....where going viral is key...

YouTube has  become the number one location on the web for uploading and watching videos. YouTube stars are born everyday. Even some television networks are starting a YouTube channel to distribute some of their content online. From Hollywood movies to tv series, and even people recording themselves singing have found  fame on this platform. 

Like it says in the heading, going viral is the key of success on YouTube. So you need to know what to post and how to reach your audience. Make sure you post helpful, valuable content providing knowledge and know-how’s. And the most important thing to remember, and this counts for any other platform you choose to share on, be consistent. This will make viewers want to subscribe to your channel.

Another way to generate income with YouTube is by letting YouTube display adverts on your videos. This means that every view will generate a small amount. This will eventually add up. Don’t expect this method to pay big, unless you have thousands of views on a regular and consistent basis.

Remember….Consistency is the key..

If you choose YouTube to be your sharing platform, you have to upload videos consistently. Sometimes replying to comments is a way to show your audience you really read the comments and that you are here to share valuable info to help them.

Instagram and Twitter are also social-media platforms many use to share their daily activities and thoughts. For example Twitter allows complete strangers to come together and have a conversation about a common interests and ideas. Instagram on the other hand is more of an online photo book.


In another post I will share some tactics you can use to improve your followers rate on Instagram. 

There are many other social media platforms you can use to share value on and build an audience. I suggest you find 3 of them to share your content on. Make sure you keep posting and engage with your audience once they start to comment and follow you. People follow people. Be the people they want to follow. The second most important thing is your brand. Brand yourself the way you want your followers to view you.

The last piece of advice I want to give you is…..BE CONSISTENT…

2 thoughts on “The Secrets You Need To Know To Win With Social Media”

  1. I’m all about titles that grab my attention, really engage my curiosity as I click it. So, well done there.

    What I am left wondering is the secrets to social media you aimed to outline? As I recall, while running an ad through my FB the page assistant you can opt in for kept me UTD on all requirements for my ad to maintain eligibility.

    The page assistant would have been a better “secret” to share. It took a great deal of research before I learned about that little nugget.

    Please forgive me if it seems I am being harsh. It is just the fact that your title is quite misleading.

    You stated a LARGE number of active users per platform. If you use FB for ads, you know the terms. If you upload videos to Youtube, you understand a commitment to consistency keep you in the forefront of results. And everyone knows what Twitter and IG are because they, too, are social media GIANTS.

    Your last bit of advice was pointed out when referring to Youtube as well.

    From one writer to an up-and-comer, really focus on the outline of your topic before, during, and after you publish it!

    If you ever need a proofreader, or good training material to reference, please let me know. My email is on my website. I will be more than happy to help where I can!!

    Be resourceful, Giorgio. Reach out when you need to.

    1. Thank you for your review Derek.

      I will be adjusting my titles in the future and your last point “be resourceful “ is noted.

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