Today I will share with you 5 steps to help you unleash the warrior in you to create your wealth. It’s a formula consisting of 5 ingredients which together will help you conquer everything. When you understand what being or becoming a warrior is all about, you will be able to keep yourself out of that rabbit hole called ” old broke comfort zone”

So what is  a warrior ?

The best way to describe a warrior is someone full of courage. A fearless person that is literally unstoppable in achieving his/her goals in life. Someone who will strategically plan every next move to success. An aggressive person. A brave one. Someone always ready to help others as well. Well……it might even be you, it;s just that you don’t know that yet.

Now that we now what a warrior is all about, let’s talk on how to become one. Or at least wake up the warrior in you !!

In the beginning of the blog I told you that the formula consist of 5 ingredients.

  • Mind
  • Body (as in vision)
  • Surrender
  • The awakening
  • Balance and Growth

Like I’ve said and write about many times in the past, it all starts with your mind. Having a positive mindset will automatically push you in the right direction. I’m shure you have heard this frase before too -” where thoughts go, energy flows”-. And it all starts with your thoughts which you have to believe in in order to feel the emotions these thoughts bring with them so you can take action.


Create your vision

Sit down and write your vision down. Write down every small detail from dates to dollars. Feel as if you already are enjoying your vision. Describe your thoughts and feelings. What do you smell, hear, see……everything. Vision yourself ( not as a third person) talking to people. Or vision yourself reaching to the next level of your goals.


Be active with your vision

Create a vision board. By doing so you are creating a parallel Universe with the images you selected. The reason why this part is categorized under BODY, is because you need to experience the goosebumps and emotions when living your mood board. Feel your creations.

Make it a habit…..staring at your board

What worked for me is meditating to a higher frequency before staring at my mood board. This helped launch me into the parallel world very quickly. As soon as I start to stare at my vision board, goosebumps will take over. Make sure to speak your proclamations out loud. This will speed up your manifestations. Be aware that 80% of your success result rely on your mindset. It’s just 20% skills.

Write down 20 ” I Am” statements. 10 long and 10 short ones. They muist be directly related with your vision. Speak them loud when staring at your vision board.


Now It’s Time To Surrender….And experience the Awakening,

It’s time to say goodbye to all those emotions and fears that were blocking you of years. Don’t fight it. Because if you keep focusing on the past, you will be blind to your present. Be careful cause the Ego will be wanting to protect you to stay in that same place. So you better watch out for that rabbit hole.

The Awakening:

Time to receive your created reality…..

So be ready to start receiving what you have been creating. After you have opened up and left all those things holding you back behind you, it’s time to pay attention to notice when the receiving starts. The reason why?…….so you know when to celebrate. Being grateful and thankful will only help to you attract more.

Balance and Growth

Observation and participation at the same time….

Remember that energy flows where attention goes. So be careful what you wish for. So stop giving fear attention. One way to do this is to keep feeding your mind with positive thoughts and reed books that will positively influence your mindset. Try meditating for once. And start setting boundaries. No, is also an answer. Remember that at the end of the day……taking massive action and being consistent are your keys to success !!

So there you have it. Your 5 steps to releasing your inner warrior. Now i’ts your time to follow these steps and awake the warrior in you. I hope this blog will help you achieve your goals by helping you set your mind right. Feel free to share your experience in the comments and till the next blog!!

7 thoughts on “Release Your Inner Warrior……with these 5 ingredients”

  1. The “Surrender” topic was my favorite! Even though I’ve been in business for a couple of years now, it seems like I still carried a lot of fear about doing things that required me to step out of my comfort zone! This was confirmation that it needed to be done 🙂

    1. We often need a little push in the right direction to keep moving. And stepping out of “the comfort zone” is one of the toughest things to do. Keep growing 💪🏽

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