I need to share this story with you. it’s something that moved me and inspired me to keep going.

I’ve been following this guy on YouTube who decided to start making videos to help people transform their lives. His name is Aaron Doughty and his videos are all about self-awareness and self-empowerment. He made it his mission to help people expand their consciousness.

He started in 2014 and soon his videos start getting traction and getting a decent amount of views in just a couple of months. He was only posting 1 or maybe 2 videos a week. His views were hitting between 1000 up to 50.000 a video. Not bad for someone who just started a channel. But as time past by he noticed that people will watch but not subscribe.

Up until the beginning of this year his site stopped growing, so he needed to change his game plan. He has already proved to himself that he is capable of producing good quality content video. So he went back to the drawing board and reviewed his game plan to find out what he could do to grow his list of subscribers.

I decided to make and post 1 video everyday…..

This was all he needed to do to see results in his subscribers list. He made the decision to post a video every single day. At this time he still had another job selling shoes and earning commissions. So this change was pretty hard in the beginning cause after work he was making and editing videos sometimes untill 3 o’clock in the morning.

But he kept on going and soon the results were visible. His subscribers start rolling in. In just a couple of months after he started doing this he reached the magical 100.000 number.

————————————-                            ———————————————–

The reason I’m sharing this story is because it was an eye opener for me. If you take a look at the frequency I was posting on my blog you will see that I started  posting almost every day. But for some reason I stopped. My guess is because I was not getting any clicks or reads and got discouraged.I stopped believing I can do it. Instead of continuing posting I got distracted and stopped blogging for a while.

My wife has been blogging for 3 years straight now. She is posting a blog every single day. Even planning ahead when on vacation or when she has a busy week ahead. Now she has around 25.000 visitors a month. And those are all visitors from the Netherlands since her blog is in dutch. She has been inspiring me to start blogging again at a steady pace. So that’s why I decided to commit to myself and start posting 3 blogs a week.

And especially after watching Aaron’s video and listening to his story I realized that I need to do this in order to reach my goals and dreams.

Consistency is the key….

See the video which made me realize it’s time to change, and make sure to subscribe to his channel. I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Sometimes you just need to share these types of messages cause you never know who you will be helping.

Take care and make sure to subscribe to my blog!!!

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