One of the oldest forms of online advertising is Banner Ads..

Banners have become as synonymous with the internet as billboards gave with highways. They have become one of the most powerful forms of online marketing. This is the reason why top tier advertisers and publishers use banners. banners are also known as Display Ads.

Moving and animated banners are taking over from the text banners we were used to see. Even interactive banners are booming thanks to the web technologies. Banner ads are used to monetize a websites traffic. Advertisers will pay to have their promotion banner displayed on your page. 

So how do you make money with banner ads 

One way to do it is by hosting somebody else’s banners on your site and collect payment for the views and clicks from advertiser. Or you can post your own banners on somebody else’s site and collect traffic from there. And by making a banner yourself will save you the costs of hiring a professional designer to create ads for you. 

The Anatomy Of  A Banner Ad…

Almost all banner ads follow this simple formula. They consist of a headline, image and a call to action. Make sure you make your headline eye catching to create curiosity. The image must something that makes people curious and want to know whats behind it. And last, a call to action button so they can click on the ad. 

Do some banner ad research...

You can simply do some banner search on google for the type of banner you are looking for. Do some research for the most common and used designs. Many of them have had years of research and development put into them. Take advantage of this and make sure you implement  them into your own. 

Next you need to decide where you will be advertising with your banner. You need to know on which website you want to post it and where on the website you want your banner to be placed. Remember that even this has been analysed for years and the results has shown that the top of the website is a hot spot for ads. Use this when designing your banner. 

Also remember that we are in the business of making money, not burning money, so get familiar with your metrics to know exactly what you are spending vs what your return of investments is. So the last two things I want to talk to you about are clicks and page views. 

Click/Click Through, are the number of visitors who click on your banner ad which is linked to the advertiser’s website. Publishers use this often to sell their banner ad space on a pay-per-click basis ( also known as  CPC).

Page views, also called page impressions, are the number of times a particular web page has been requested from a server. This is what advertisers are interested in because it indicates the number of visitors which are potential viewers for their banner ad. The most common way to sell banner ad space is to use cost per thousand impressions ( CPM)



You see…..there is a lot more to a banner ad then just a simple colored bar with some text and nice picture to catch your attention. There are a lot of studies done to measure how people react to the different kinds of banner ads. take some time to do your research to really find out what kind of banner ad you would like to post.

That’s all for today.

Remember to take action and start doing what is necessary to build your online business. 

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