There are a lot of blueprints out there to help you and guide you in the right direction. Today I will share with you 7 blueprints I found on the internet. It's a combination off different blueprints from which I created one that is very easy to follow. I'm sure you've heard this frase before:"the path of least resistance towards achieving your goal is to find someone who has already achieved it".

So the only thing you have to do next is study their habits, learn from it and know how and when to apply the lesson learned to your situation. Use this blueprint as some kind of checklist. t also became clear that not only do universal strategies and perspectives exist, but they exist in order.


Did you know that results are produced by consistently working towards your goal. That’s why you often hear successful people tell you to, no matter what you do, don’t stop and don’t give up. 

So let’s start with building the blueprint. Feel free to share it with people you know who can use some guidance to achieve success. Again……before anything… need to have a mind shift. Be mentally prepared and ready to tackle this blueprint. Take it one step at the time.

I made this blueprint in the form of a question. This way you are not just following the steps, but you really have to take time and think before you answer.

1.Do you know what you want?

By just having an idea of what you might want to achieve is just not enough. One way to really know what you want is to write them down and read them over and over…and over till you can dream it.

You have to be very clear about what it is that you want. Ohhh….one more thing. Never say ” I’ll try”. That’s just saying, I’m not motivated enough to do it.Successful people know exactly what they want and know exactly what to do to achieve their goals. It’s that type of commitment which requires a lot of accountability 

2. Are you aware of the sacrifices you will need to make ?

Be aware that not everybody is going to approve your ideas. For some reason, most of the time it’s your family and close friends who will say things like ” why spent your time on stuff like that” or ” Is this one of those pyramid schemes”.  

There are a lot of sacrifices  you will have to make. Also a lot of work. Tip: every time somebody questions you, use that as a motivation to step up your game.  Sometimes things happen to remind us on what playground we are playing in. The goal-achievement playground requires you to act like never before in order to achieve and obtain things you never had. Also embrace the fact that it can sometimes be very lonely at the top.


3. Do you know which perspectives serves you best ?

Choose perspectives that serve you. Your mind, being your greatest asset, needs to be fed with the right messages as you are working towards your goals and dreams.

Surround yourself with people who can help you become a better you. Make sure you take action on a daily basis and remind yourself from time to time why you are doing this. it’s all an ongoing process of striving to become better than you were. And the most important part, to fail you ‘ll have to completely quit. Anything else is just a distraction or delay in your process to achieve your goals.  

How are you doing so far? Make sure you have the answer of these first 3 steps before continuing with the blueprint checklist. These first 3 steps are crucial, for the answer giving by you will set a specific path for you to follow to achieve your goals and dreams. If you don’t know what you want, prepare yourself mentally to get it, and feed your mind the knowledge necessary to achieve results…..then don’t bother reading any further. 

4. have you made the decision ?

Know that you can not have things done without taking massive action.

There are some words you need to get out of your vocabulary. Words like ” maybe”  or  “should” are words that will not help you achieve your goals. Have you thought of what you need to do from day one to prevent you from turning back? Because the moment you truly decide to start, not having a plan B or escape route, is when you are going to see results.

5. Where is your focus at ?

Energy flows where focus goes. It really doesn’t matter if your goal is to lose weight, make money , or even to save the planet. No focus = no results period.

Actually there are only 1-3 things you need to focus on daily to make progress in the right direction. Yes you read that right. 1-3 things you have to do on a daily basis to make progress in the right direction. So stop wasting time at things that don’t matter. Try using the 80/20 rule if you ‘re not sure what , in your case may be the 1-3 things you need to do daily. By completing these tasks mean that you are one step closer to your dream, so nothing else you do ( or don’t) should matter.

6. Which strategy have you selected ?

What strategy you use is completely up to you. Just make sure you choose one that will move you in the right direction, because at the end of the day your results will depend on the strategy used.

So the most important thing to consider when picking a strategy is to make sure that  it works for your lifestyle, responsibility and values. Test it first hand to know everything is working just the way you would like it to. And please……..don’t be like some people who switches and searches for new programs and strategies every week. give the system a bout two months time to prove itself. Some strategies just may take more time than the other to work, but all strategies work.  

Are you consistent ?

This last step is more of a reminder than an actual step in  the BLUEPRINT checklist. Never the less , it’s of most value then the other six.

If you want your journey to success to be a peace of cake, just follow step 1 to 6.  In order to achieve maximum results and to reach your goals , you need to take action daily until you start seeing results. It’s the same thing I talk about with my new team members who join my opportunity. If you don’t take action, nothing is going to happen. Often these are the same people to call something a scam, or to yell that the system or program is not working. So yes…….the most important strategy and perspective off all is taking action. Cause if you don’t, you ain’t going nowhere. 

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog. remember that it all starts with you. You have to thinks about what it is that you want to do. You have to think about how to get there. You have to think about a strategy. But most important, and I will never get tired of saying it, you have to take action in order to achieve results.

To your success !!!

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