We all make mistakes. The problem is that we won’t learn from either our own or the mistakes others have made.

Today I’m sharing just 4 mistakes entrepreneur marketers ( including my self) make and how to prevent them. These are in my opinion the “killer” mistakes.


Mistake number one

“Starting out with the wrong expectations”

It’s important to realize that Network Marketing is a business and not a job.Let me clarify… a job is what you do from 9 to 5 where you get paid for your time at the office. A business is where you work for a profit and get paid based on your skills.

And just like making a luxury car or a big office building, it takes some time to make.This is the same principal you need to apply to your online business.


Take your time while building your business.Commit to at least 2 years to make your online business a success. Learn and develop new skills and processes. Learn the system. Work hard and make sure you are improving every day to become successful.



 Mistake number two

“Not having a proven strategy”

One of the biggest, if not the biggest mistake that keeps Network Marketers from having the kind of succes they desire. By following a proven strategy you’ll be able to guarantee your financial goals and get the results you’ve always wanted.

To dramatically increase your chances of success and turn your dreams into reality, you need to work with a proven strategy.


By searching the world of internet marketing  I’ve come across a proven 3 point strategy system for generating large amounts of residual income that most top earners use.

  1. Choose a Network Marketing opportunity that has a history of treating his prospects well and that pays well. The higher the commission payout , the better.Off course your gonna find some positive as well as negative results. Choose one that feels right.
  2. Build a website designed for your niche. If you can spend the money on a professional to build a website and a blog for you , go for it. Just make sure that it’s designed to brand YOU. If you are on  a budget ( like me for example) , don’t worry. Just start blogging using WordPress for example. Buy a domain name and start a blog/web site.
  3. Start generating traffic to your site. Spread the word true social media channels. Use your Facebook ,Instagram, Twitter and Google+ accounts as an advertising machine. Your first goal is to attract as many as 50 visitors daily in your first month online.



Mistake number three

“Listening to the wrong people”

Would you take advice on how to loose weight from an obese individual? How about advice on marriage from someone who has never been married? So why would you take business advice from someone who never owned a business?

I am not talking about the advice you are getting by searching the internet. I’m talking about those advice’s from your family members. It’s something we all do in the beginning.

Because we trust our family members and close friends with what is going on in our lives. And they are doing it because they love you and their opinion is just based on their experience.


Ask yourself if you should be taking advice from this person. What is their business experience. What success have they accomplished. If the answer to those questions is “NONE”, listen to what they have to say. Just don’t make any decision regarding your business based on their opinion.

Train yourself to act like a filter that just blocks out all that is harmful to you and your business.



Mistake number four

“Pitching your business”

This is a mistake the majority of Network Marketers make. From the first time you connect with them, they are pitching their business and trying to shove it down your throat. It’s all about the opportunity they have for you and how wonderful their company is.

And they are always bragging about their company founders. They try to convince you that their product is the best thing ever and that their compensation plan is the next best thing.By pitching your business in this manner you will only get terrible results.


Instead of pitching your product, you have to market yourself. By being a leader and by providing guidance and valuable content you will be much more attractive to people. Mindset and Skills set are the key.



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