How to make the money you spend on your dreams count

Following your dreams will cost you money. The key is to find out what and were to spend your money on. This is a topic you don't hear very often. Most of the time you'll see banners claiming you can get rich for free. Well there is no such thing. You have to invest in your business and your self development to grow. just passion and dedication ain't gonna do it.
Many times I’ve heard people say that they don’t need help or that they don’t need a coach to help them with their new online business. Only to find out that they needed one. Some are lucky to find out before going broke. But still many refuse to listen and take advice of those who already made it. 
If you have people in your family, or close friends who own their business, then by all means take their advice. I’m talking specifically to those who think they can set it all up on their own and are saving money on coaching and guidance. Off Course every one of us has the potential of making it to the top. The potential to make our dreams cone true. To make our dreams a reality. But the reality is that there is no reason to do this alone.  
Others think that they can hire a coach at a later time. They are thinking of hiring a coach after making some money and generating revenue, only to come to find out that they won’t be generating anything without the help of a coach.
I’m not saying it’s impossible to set up a business without a coach or guidance. Some manage to do this and become very successful in whatever it is they are doing. But the majority of people just can’t achieve this. And it’s not that they are incapable of doing so, it’s just that they are missing some key information and specific knowledge to climb the success ladder. Fact, every successful person at one point had to get help to achieve their goals. That’s why the best singers still rely on vocal coaches. And the best athletes are trained by trainers. So why limiting yourself to that “solo” mentality.
If you are setting up a brand new company…..HIRE A COACH. It may seem like an unnecessary expense at the beginning, but you will reach your goals much quicker with the help of a coach. Now a days there are a ton of coaches out there for every niche. Just do your research, ask arround, call them and just ask questions and talk. I think the reason many people don’t hire a coach is because they are afraid of being held accountable for their actions. 
A coach will tell you stuff like ” focus on one thing at the time”.  Because he or she knows if you try to do it all you will end up not doing what has to be done to move forward in the right direction. Discuss your plans with your coach. Find one plan that both of you agree on and start creating your business. Your coach will help you to stay focused and to concentrate on that idea you discussed. 
And last but not least, trust your intuition. At the end of the day, you know exactly what you want and how you want it. So when discussing your plans with your coach, make sure to stay true to yourself. Stay true to who you are. Listen to your inner voice.
Know that there will always be people out there needing what ever it is you have to offer. So don’t let fear be a factor to hold you on moving forward. You have to realize that building and creating a business costs money. The key to make that money count is by investing it in yourself by asking for professional help from the get go, will save you a lot of time and money on the long run.
So there you have it. I started this blog by asking how you can make the money you spend on your dream to count. I hope you got the answer and I wish you the best of luck on your journey to build your dream.
Always remember that it all starts with taking action

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