I know that feeling when your blog is yet another responsibility and that you are trying to fit it in your already busy life. Especially if you have a normal day job, raiding a family and at the same time building your online business true blogging.

For most blogger, blogging has to fit in your daily schedule. Some of you are using a blog to build an online business , which you want to promote and market by blogging….but find themselves losing a lot of time actually building the business itself. Others are raising a family with tons of housework, which leaves them practically no time to blog.

But even with little time on your hands you can still blog consistently.


Here are 6 steps to help you accomplish this goal.


1. Blogging on a consistent level doesn't mean blogging frequently.

I know…….iv’e heard it too, many many times. ” If you want to start  blogging, you have to blog daily to build your audience”.

Well, ….if you have all the time in the world , by all means go ahead. But for most of us that are starters still have a day job, and/or a family to take care off. So stick with what works for you. Nobody will stop following you because you only blog once a week or even once a month.

It’s about the value of your content which will make people follow you. Just start with once a month and see how it works out for you. build up your post during the weeks whenever you have those 15 minutes to blog. By the end of the month you’ll have a blog to share.

2. Batch......when it's only 15 to 20 minutes a day you've got

When having less than half an hour a day to write a blog, you don’t want to be wasting your time searching for ideas.

Here is when batching comes to the rescue, and how I suggest you use it. 

Take the first free 20 minutes to come up with as many ideas as possible. If you get stuck, google search for ideas in your niche. Follow other bloggers for inspiration. 

Take the 20 minutes from the next day to plan your ideas you wrote down from yesterday. Take no more than 5 minutes to plan each one. Build a structure you want to post. Start with an introduction, followed by several key points and finish with a conclusion. 

Outline your post. Go through your ideas and flesh out each key point. Add notes about what specific ideas you want to share and write down the links or examples you want to use. Take a bit more time to do this.

Once you’ve outlined your ideas, now it’s time to draft your post. Drafting is just going through and writing out the planned sections. There is also no need to draft your post in a single session. You;ve already outlined everything on paper, so now you can draft whenever it suits you. So this means you can use your next 20 minutes to do this.

The last couple of steps you need to do when batching has everything to do with double checking your post, re-write where necessary, do some small editing, and your ready to post. 

3. Use a calendar

By using a calendar I mean, use a content calendar. This is a handy way to help you bring some variety and to know what to post.

You can use any type of calendar you like. I recommend you use something like Evernote, or Wunderlist to write down your topics you want to blog about. 

4. Try to stick with one post template

For starters….blog posts usually have some kind of structure. They start with an introduction.

This can just be one or two sentences. Follow by writing down the content and try to finnish with some kind of conclusion. I don’t always finnish my blogs with a conclusion, but experts say this is the way to go. So from now on I’ll be ending my blog posts with a nice conclusion.

Google some of the biggest bloggers out there and take a look at how they setup their blog content.  Especially those who share a lot of content generally have one standard  structure they work with.

5. Nothing wrong with bringing old posts back to live

I would suggest you do this only after you have been blogging for some time. Do this only when you have enough posts that new readers won’t spot very easy when going true your list of archives. 

You can do this by simple post a blog you wrote  when you started building your page. It is recommended to post a blog you wrote at least  one year ago if you are blogging once a month, or at least six months when you are blogging like once a week.

Before you just post an old blog you may want to update the content with new information. Check if the info in your blog has not been outdated. Check if you are still using the same theme. Update links with fresh ones. And maybe include a note telling your readers that this is an old post you gave new life, so your readers won’t be confused. Here is on of the post where I got my info from, and where you can dive deeper in this material.


6. Take a look at everything else going on in your life.

Are you still struggling to find time to blog ? And have you tried all of the above mentioned methods ? Maybe you need to take a good look at everything else going on in your life.

There are some things you just can’t realistically change, like the hours you spend at your job or or the daily schedule from your other family members. But I think there is still some things you can do to improve your daily free time.

For example:

Try to set aside one night a week for one hour of planning and blogging. If this is not achievable, at least try to execute the first step we talked about in the beginning of this blog in one night. 

Maybe getting up 30 minutes earlier will get you those 20 minutes you need to batch

Or what about batching your household tasks like cooking. By doing this you will be freeing some nights a week , because you have already made dinner to last for two days.

There are a lot of things you can do to free up some time for you to dedicate planning, batching and writing your blog. Just don’t get frustrated and try to keep a time log to help you reorganize your life. 


Take your time, step by step, but make sure you are moving forward.

Blogging can really feel like a heavy load at times. The pressure to keep writing fresh content can sometimes  burn you out. So make sure you take your time to plan ahead and find out what works for you. 

Try not to compare yourself with other bloggers. Stay focused on what you are doing and just grow slowly. maybe those other bloggers don’t have the same busy life you have. So it would be unfair to yourself to compare your  blog with someone who is posting everyday for example.

Just do whatever it is you have the power to do and try to stick to your plan. At least make sure you take action ones a week to do some kind of work on your blog. Whether it’s planning, batching  or writing, consistentie is the key to success

Please share your ideas in the comments section below. Do you have experience with the above mentioned tips? Or maybe you have another strategy that works for you that you want to share with others !!



2 thoughts on “Having Very Little Time To Blog..?? Here Is How To Keep Blogging Consistently”

  1. These are all great ideas. One game changer for me has been scheduling my blog post. I have been showing a lot more consistency in my post using this option.

    1. First of all, thanks for your comment. And you are absolutely right. I just started to use that option from WP.

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