How Many Blogs Does it take to Start Seeing Traffic Growth

Just like it takes time for any business to build its name as well as for its brand to be appreciated in the market, blogging too follows the same route. For a blog to gain traffic, working hard and smart through the incorporation of various tactics is mandatory. Presently, blogging business has increased. 

You’ll find several blog posts that revolve around your niche and you wonder how you’ll manage to pull your traffic with the such-like competition. Most bloggers don’t realize that the secret to blog post traffic lies within you. Therefore, blog post creativity, frequency in blogging, quality and persistence are important factors towards realizing traffic growth.

Quality of your blogs

Most bloggers try for some time and give up the blogging business without realizing that the magic lies in the blog post’s quality. Traffic in blogging goes to where people know that they’ll learn something beneficial, gain information that prone them to action, and impact or change their lives positively. 

Never bother about content size. Most people appreciate straight to the point blog posts with real value. You only need to identify an area of focus, for instance, health and nutrition and find a target audience. Afterward, start building on the blog post quality. With time, you’ll begin to naturally build traffic and appreciate the blogging business.

Competition in your Niche

When you begin blogging, you can either penetrate an already crowded market or luckily fall in specialization with no competition. Either way, it’s upon you to strategize a trick that will work for you in your niche. You may lack competition in your niche and still lack traffic 1 year later. 

The reason may be due to the lack of frequency and quality. You may as well be competing amongst many in the specialization of blog post content and still excel high above your industry players. It all depends on how creative and committed you are, and the frequency and quality of your blog posts. Based on the above, in some few months down, you’ll either celebrate the blogging business or lament over the blog industry due to lacking traffic.

Frequency of posting

How do you feel in this situation…a new product is introduced in the market, and you observe it for a while before you end up becoming a loyal customer? The product then gets out of the market for some time, leaving you helpless as to where to find the such-like product. It comes back again and you become loyal again. 

After a while, it disappears again. You become a desperate customer and end up losing loyalty. You hereby shift your focus completely from this product. Therefore, for blogging to appreciate growth traffic, you the blogger must stay committed. You must develop a consistent frequency pattern and stick to it. This also helps in building your blog’s brand name. 

Blog post followers usually capture the blog’s daily or weekly pattern and adapt to it. You shouldn’t, therefore, disappoint loyal followers if at all you aim at growth traffic. Remember that search engines like Google usually gives credit to blog posts that attain frequency in postings. Blogging is hard work. 

On average, a new blog with an almost daily blog post takes 12 months to achieve traffic. However, various factors will determine whether, within those 12 months, you will have gained reasonable growth traffic.

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Your Social Media activity

Traffic isn’t achieved by posting and relaxing. You have to go the extra mile. With all the quality and frequency of blog posts, without marketing, your effort goes unrewarded. To invite blogging traffic you’ll need to incorporate various social media marketing channels. You’ll only achieve traffic through sharing your blogging address on your website, social media pages (facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn), and creating direct referrals strategy (whereby potential blog post followers can subscribe to your blogging link through existing members’ unique referral codes). 

With your blog existing for at least 12 months, and actualizing all the above, you can now begin to realize traffic in your blogging activity. Remember that excellence in your social media activity is health to the lifespan of your blogging business. 

Final Verdict

Therefore, as much as it takes about 12 months for an average blog with daily blog posts to realize growth traffic, the rule isn’t set. You must be smart and dedicated enough to achieve this standard. You may begin the journey by posting long, boring blog posts that lack a target audience daily…the result? 

You end up having a negative mindset on the blogging industry due to lack of traffic. Again, you may post quality, captivating blog posts on twice per week frequency, with a good focus.

You hereby gain traffic before 12 months elapse. The secret lies within you as a blogger. Starting on the blogging journey? Think smart, work smart, and gain extreme growth traffic for your blog posts.

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