Every blogger has that one similar wish. That is to have great traffic on their blog. It is the number 1 goal of every blogger out there. As a new blogger you are eager to get started on your blog with daily posts outlined for the week or the month. So understandingly it can be rather disappointing when after putting all your efforts into that one post you find out you are not getting any response. Some bloggers sit and watch the analytics of their blog day in day out waiting for the slightest growth in number of views.
Getting traffic is important for you to increase your audience and in the process create even more traffic for your blog. It also increases your chances of getting advertisement offers. By this time you may be thinking about monetizing. But for now focus on content.
let’s not delve into that goody bag just yet.
A popular question asked by bloggers is how long it takes to get blog traffic. As important as this question may seem, it really should’nt be asked at all. Traffic does not have to take long because the day you make your first post could very well pass as the day you get traffic. The time frame does not matter. What matters is that you are doing it and at this point the right question would be how to do it the right way.


Your social ( online)life can tell on your blog activity. During times such as this one you will wish you had thousands of followers on Instagram. Because this would make you able to re direct your followers to your blog. It is what I call easy traffic. But say you are reading this and you don’t have that many followers, you can either talk to a friend that does or Engage with other bloggers on instagram and ask them to share your blog.  
Instagram however is not the only social media platform you can market your blog on. There is Facebook and it also houses over millions of users around the world. The social world is never asleep, there is always that one person that will visit your blog and if your blog provides quality content than you can be rest assured that the person will stay and spread around the good news of your blog.


Let’s assume that you are not the social media type and the option mentioned above will not work for you. If that’s the case, you have yourself another option that has to do with SEO. SEO is a very reliable mean of generating traffic and it has proven to be very effective. As a blogger this term should not be new to you but just in case it is, I will simply explain it.
Search engine optimization is all about making sure that your blog tops the ( google) list of the search results. And by getting to the top of the list, you are exposed to a high level of awareness.
How to go about it is to ensure that you are using the right type of keywords. The keywords being what will single you out to be noticed. Most blog posts are just written with no special attention given to anything. It should not be done that way unless you don’t want your blog to be given attention to which makes no sense at all. Use of highly efficient keywords should be done at all times.


The content present on your blog is very important. Reason being that it is what is going to be read. Blog traffic can be triggered by rich content that does not merely tell your reader something. It should be able to make your reader feel what is being told. Do not just write without care because it is not enough to get people on your blog. The most important thing is getting people to stay on your blog as that is the basis for  consistent traffic. The truth is that even if you are able to get about a hundred people on your blog today, you can still lose them all by posting poor content.


You don’t have to wait for a long period of time before you start getting traffic. Taking into action the three little tactics mentioned above will assist you. Pay a great deal of attention to your SEO because of all the ways to get traffic on your blog, this happens to be the easiest and the most reliable way ever. Your positive results are guaranteed all you need to employ is consistency and soon enough you will have traffic following with you everywhere.

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