Do you know what it takes to be a Successful leader?


Off course you hear a lot of people talk about what you need to do to be a great leader. Today I want to talk to you about what not to do if you want to be a successful leader.

The faults I am about to discuss with you I got from a book called “Think and grow rich” by Napoleon Hill.

It’s as important to known what not to do than what to do to become a successful leader.

Don’t expect to be paid for that what you know. People will pay you for what you are delivering. In other words, they are not paying you for what it is that you know but for what you do or make others do for you. Keep that on in mind.

Emphasizing the authority of leadership is not always the way to go. A great leader will lead by encouraging his team , and not by implementing fear.

Never fear the competition from your team. A great leader will train his team to the same level he is at. By doing this he can multiply himself and be at many places at once. By making other people in your team understand and learn the skills needed to become a leader they can do some of the work for you.

The lack of imagination is another fault that would make you unable to meet emergencies and incapable to come up with plans to guide your team to success. With no imagination you will not be able to deliver in moments of stress.

Intemperance is something your team won’t and never ever has to respect you for. Nobody will respect and work for somebody who has no self control.

Selfishness is another fault a great leader will never possess. A great leader will never claim the honor of the accomplishments from his team. He will instead make sure all the honor goes to his team, cause he knows this will make them work harder.

The inability to organize details is a fault you need to avoid if you really want to be a great leader. To be an efficient leader you need the master the ability to organize in detail. You can never be to busy to do things which may be required from you. Be the master of details. Be the best example for you r team.

Disloyalty is a fault which will make sure you will never have a team. No loyalty means no team. By trusting you your team will deliver good work for you. But by being a disloyal person you just created the perfect recipe for disaster.

Unwillingness to render humble service is another fault you need to avoid. never let your team do the things you are not willing to do yourself. Your team has to believe that you are ready to perform any kind of labor which you will ask them to perform.

Emphasizing his title is something an incompetent leader will do. A competent leader requires no title to earn the respect of his team. He will have his doors open at all times. His team know that he is always open for ideas and new suggestions. The only different is that in the end he is the one making the decisions.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog. make sure you study this list and remain free of these faults…!!!!

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