The Do's and Don'ts of Solo Advertising

Let’s talk about one of the most effective forms of Email marketing. Solo Ads.

I am also going to share with you the Do’s and the Don’ts of solo advertising. First let’s answer the question of ” what is a solo ad ?”. And why it is used by all the top tier companies.

Well a solo ad is nothing more than an Email containing content that you have either written yourself or have somebody write for you, that will intrigue the recipient to open and read , and then take action that you have paid for. This action can be as simple as clicking a link in the email or signing up on the page the link goes to.

Essentially, the process goes like this(in a nutshell): 1. Find a broker 2. Pay the broker 3. Receive traffic.




A solo ad usually has 2 important parts

  • A captivating subject line. Something to grab the attention of the recipients. Something that stands out among the other emails they receive on a daily basis.
  • Tet to keep them reading after they opened the mail. So make sure it’s an engaging body of text that will compel them to rwead all the way to the end.

Nothing too complex. That’s what has contributed to the rise in Solo Ads among newbies over the last couple of years. So why isn’t everyone doing it?

Good question…….

It is mostly because of 2 reasons:

1. A lot of people just don’t know about it.

2. They know about it but don’t understand it well enough to execute successfully.

Like all marketing  techniques, Solo Ads carry a small risk with them of not delivering ROI.
If you manage to get sucked into buying from a dishonest seller who sells you trashy traffic on purpose, or even a decent seller who sells you bad traffic by accident, chances are you’ll be put off for life. Just don’t let this be a reason to fear this technique.

There are enough good sellers out there . there are more good sellers than bad sellers. For every bad seller there are 10 good ones. So don’t get discouraged. 

So how do you use Solo Ads??

A Solo Ad is really just an Email you are sending to a specific group of people , so because of this you need to find someone who owns a list with the kind of people you are trying to market to. For example, if you are an affiliate marketer you need to find someone who owns a list of people all interested in affiliate marketing to send your link to and make them join your program.

Make sure your list supplier has a good relationship with his or her list and that they know, like and trust each other. 

Look for a good seller or broker. This has to be someone who fully understands how Email marketing works. It has to be someone who filters out who are interested or not. He or she has to know how to build a relationship with your readers

A good broker can be either an individual who has worked hard building a list or it can be a huge publishing company.

Now it’s up to you to find out what works. I suggest you ask around which provider your teammates are using. Maybe the affiliate company you joined has their one go to list provider. 

Clicks - Leads- Buyers

There are 3 types of traffic for you to consider.

Clicks, which are the most common. These you buy from a broker who will send out an Email with your link in it. So for example, if you buy 100 clicks, the broker will send out an email with your link in it and you should receive 100 clicks on your website.

Leads work the same. The only difference is with leads, the person who clicks your link will visit your page and submit their own info on your site to learn more about what you are marketing. Maybe you offerde a free E-book, or an other type of ethical bribe.

The buyer is somebody who already has spent money with the broker and is expected to spend more , therefore being the most expensive type of traffic. At the end of the day you have to look at the ROI and not at the cost. If a buyer costs you $150 to acquire, and you know that you will make $500 from them, than it’s an investment and not a cost.

Keep An Eye On The Metrics And Do Your Due Diligence


Last but not least, keep an eye on your metrics. Don’t just go around and spend all your cash. Remember your Cost Per Click, or lead or buyer. Make sure that the seller offers you all the stats after the campaign is over so you can analyse it.  

Do your due diligence. Make sure your email content is targeted and attention grabbing, and your web page where visitors arrive is user friendly and easy to navigate.

By following these steps, and by making sure you keep and eye on your stats you will be well on your way to mastering Solo Ads!

Take care and good luck.!!

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