When it comes to blogging there are a lot of mistakes you can make without really knowing your making them. Even I still make mistakes in other peoples opinion. Well......I'm not talking about the little mistakes like correct spelling, or using bold text where it's not necessary.....

I’m talking about the kind of mistakes that could cause you to loose your readers and followers. Mistakes like not engaging to your readers, or ( for affiliate marketers) only talking and blogging about your company. I made a selection of the 6 biggest mistakes that in my opinion you need to avoid. 

  • First mistake you need to watch out for, is making the posts all about YOU. If your readers want to read about you, they will check your ” about me ” page. Realize that the reason why they are reading and  following your blog is because at one point you provided them with answers to their problems. Or maybe they related to your needs and concerns and felt comfortable reading your post. That’s why you need to ask them at the end of your blog if the information was useful and what their opinion is. And use the feedback to answer their needs in maybe another blog.
  • Thinking you need to publish on a daily basis is mistake number two. By doing this you are probably filling the inbox of your readers to a point they will want to unsubscribe from your blog. This is the reason I decided to only post twice a week. Make sure people get exited when receiving your mail with a new blogpost. A reader commented in my last post that what helped a lot was scheduling her blogs. Also make sure you post valuable posts. Never forget what niche you are blogging in, so for example if your niche is wedding dresses, you can’t just post a blog about race  cars. Get it !
  • Mistake number three is making your post to long.  This one is a tricky one. many professional bloggers will tell you to keep it between 500 to 700 characters. I say it depends on the kind of post you are sharing. Let’s take this one for example. This one will be relatively long because we are addressing 6 points in one blog. So depending on your topic, just keep it under 700 characters for the ease of reading.  
  • By joining a blog community with content in your niche will eliminate mistake number four. There is really no need to do this all by yourself. there are a lot of other bloggers out there who can help you promote and grow your blog. Don’t be afraid to join blog communities. It’s creating the possibility for you to use someone else cirkel to share your content. 
  • Having a strong first paragraph you will eliminate the fifth mistake. Your first paragraph is used to pull your readers in to your blog. So make sure you get their attention from the get go. Just make it a short story about what the blog is going to be. Keep it simple and get to the point.    
  • Because there are a lot of other bloggers out there writing about the exact same topic as you, it’s very easy to make mistake number six. You need to be different. Ask yourself what it is that makes you stand out. Are you sharing useful tips and showing your personality at the same time ? Because if you don’t , you become just another blogger in your niche. So make sure you show your personality in your blog. Be your own voice. Share some personal experience. I guess what I’m trying to say is……….make it your blog.
At the end of the day , people will follow your blog for your content. But more importantly, they will follow you for your personality. In my opinion it’s 60% personality and 40% good content.
If people don’t like the way you write, they just won’t follow you. It’s the same principal you use when scrolling true YouTube videos. So be you and deliver good content. Feel free to share this blog. And if you have any other tip, please share it with us down in the comment section.

12 thoughts on “Common mistakes you need to avoid when blogging”

    1. Thanks also…my blog is in week 1. A lot of advice will tell you to blog every day but I do agree that it might be better to post twice a week with good posts instead of every day with not so good of posts.

      1. You are absolutely right Heidi. Just do what’s possible for you. I even just post once a week. I know it contradicts myself ( cause it’s not consistent) but like you said, better post 1 good blog instead of 7 bad ones. 😉

  1. Gosh … brilliant advice! Wish I’d read that a few weeks ago, however better late than never and I’ll keep my posts shorter from now on! I tend to ramble and go off piste a bit! Thanks for the advice ☀️

    1. Hey Wendy,
      Glad you liked my post. I think we all made these mistakes at the beginning. The key is to learn from others and keep building. Thank you for your comment.

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