How To Become A Content King

So what is content marketing… ???
In a nutshell: communicating to your customers and prospects without having to sell. Deliver information that makes your buyers or prospects more intelligent, instead of pitching. Nowadays businesses prefer information about a company written in a series of articles instead of an ad. I’m talking about the more than 70% of these business decision-makers which prefer this method. It’s not only making them make better business decisions, but it makes them feel closer to the sponsor company.


Make Sure You Create Good Content…

Off course there are many ways to deliver good content, but let me share with you some ways to really deliver in a unique way. Have you ever heard of the term infographic? I’m pretty sure you did. This being one of the most popular types of content for content marketing. And I’m pretty sure even you have used this type of content marketing at least once. For those who don’t know what infographic is, let me try to explain.

Infographic is the art of telling a story or explaining a concept by using graphics.

Remember when we talked about going viral with for example YouTube? Well going viral is also possible with a good content. It has to be easy to digest , share and also be interesting. By making your content go viral you are leaving the marketing to you readers, for they are sharing your content for you.
There are many forms of content marketing like I mentioned in the beginning. Don’t limit yourself to just posting blogs or do only info-graphics. creating workbooks and templates are also forms of sharing content. make a presentation if you feel comfortable doing so. 

Explore the many forms of making content......

An eBook is one of the most used items to market once content. A lot of people ( including myself) use this type of marketing content to share free tips and advice to your readers, followers, prospects.Cheat sheets, reports or videos are also ways to market content. Be creative when building your content. the more diverse, the higher your chances  of reaching different kinds of people. Also try to keep track of what you are putting out there. This will come in handy when you need to update or rewrite your content. 
Keep track of published dates and locations of your content. It would be a shame having old outdated content out there you don’t remember where you posted, making you loose followers and therefore new followers and prospects which in turn has the potential of becoming customers.  
I hope you found this information valuable. And  like I always tell everybody. Don’t be afraid of using google. This is one of the best tools out there to get information about almost anything. The simple fact you found my page through google proofs my point….
This was a short blog just to share this with you. Take care and rock your content

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