Everybody who is serious about starting an online business has come across the word “autoresponder”. Everybody in the online marketing business is using some kind of autoresponder, but what is it and what can it do for you…?? 

An autoresponder is more than just an automated system that sends and email of your choice to your list. In this blog I will explain a little bit what an autoresponder is and what it can do for you. Also which ones are the most popular and which one I use and recommend. 

What is an autoresponder?

An autoresponder is just a computer program that, after you created some emails you want to send to your list, will send your created emails on autopilot. Autoresponders are very often used in the marketing environment. 
There are 2 types of autoresponders:
  • Outsourced model : This autoresponder is obtainable true a provider to whom you pay a monthly fee. It’s the easiest to implement and is configurable via a web-based control panel.
  • Server model: This is an autoresponder you installed on your oen server. To be honest I never did any research on this model cause I never intended to use a server-based model myself. But if you have technical skills, just ask your best friend google for more info about this.

Is sending a welcome email all you can do with an autoresponder ?

Well…..no. there is a lot more you can do with an autoresponder. For example you can use it to send news letters to your subscribers, or a follow up series to keep your audience motivated and informed. 
But there is a lot more you can do then just send your first welcome mail. Like creating several lists for all the projects you have going on. Or even plan to send an email to celebrate how long somebody has been subscribed to your newsletter. These are great options to keep in touch with your base.

Which Autoresponders Are Out There To Grab.??

There are a couple of them out there for you to grab. Is there a big difference between them? Maybe…..but for me it’s more of a personal choice. I’ll suggest you do some research before you choose one. Maybe sign in and use it for a while and see if it fits your needs. That’s what I did in the beginning…..well more because almost all of them had a free trial period. So why not try some of them out.

I first started using Getresponce as my autoresponder when I started blogging. In my opinion a great program with lots of tools and webinar classes to teach you how to write emails and how to promote your blog. You will receive a notice email every time someone signs in. There is nothing bad I can write about Getresponce. Like I said in the beginning, it all comes down on personal taste.

Another autoresponder that has a great reputation is Mailchimp. I’ve personally never used tghis autoresponder. Just know it’s out there and that there are many people using it with good results. The best part of Mailchimp is that you have the option to start for free as long as you stay under 2000 subscribers. So this would be a great solution for those just starting building their online business on a low budget. Check it out, maybe it’s the one for you.

Aweber is also on the top 5 list of autoresponders. This is my autoresponder of choice. The reason why……, I like the interface and the ease to set up campaigns and make different lists. They have a great mobile app so you can keep track of your opt-ins on your tablet or phone. Like I mentioned before, there is no specific reason ui choose Aweber as my go to autoresponder other than just because I like the program. Feel free to check out Aweber and try it for free for 30 days.  

The last two autoresponders on top are iContact and 1ShoppingCart. The last one is mostly used for people who have a webshop or a Shopify store. I’ve heard of them and they have been around long enough. My suggestion, again to you is to use your best friend google to find out which one suits you.

If you are serious on building your online business you are going to need one of these programs to keep track of your leads coming in. I hope this blog has helped you find what it is you where looking for. Just take your time to do some research before you choose. Not only are they both great tools with a good interface and a great affiliate program, but if you ask me I’ll recommend Aweber Or Getresponce.

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