Find Out What 95% Of Bloggers Are Doing Wrong

Before we do that we must start by answering one question. What is the purpose of blogging these days? 
Bloggers build a base of loyal readers and subscribers so they can ultimately share and sell great products they have created or are selling true an affiliate link. 
Articles have a more business like tone, whilst blogging has more of a personal touch. Blogging began as a personal digital journal. It was used to record personal thoughts and feelings about ideas and events. Today blogging is used to build a loyal fan base and to position you as an authority in a niche.
Let’s now get into what you need to know to jumpstart your blog.
1.Pick a blogging platform
To be able to post your blog you need a blogging platform.One of the most popular platforms out there is called WordPress. It can be used for simple things as keeping a daily diary to an online shopping website. The two methods of setting up a WordPress blog are 1)Hosted on with a WordPress account or 2)Hosted on your own web space with your own domain name.
WordPress is, compared to other platforms out there like Google+, Tumblr, Blogger, the most flexible and easy to expand, as well as the easiest to find support for. 
2. Connect to your readers
Be sure to add that personal touch. Try to connect emotionally with your readers true your stories. Make sure to keep your posts relevant to the specific topic. people follow people, not content. Posting dynamic content by using images, videos and audio will make your posts more interesting. 
3. Make a schedule
Create a blogging schedule and keep to it. Consistency is key here. The more regular you keep it, the better. By posting regularly you will build a loyal readership and trust.
4. Make money ( Monetize)
The only way to make profit and to be able to turn your blog into cash is by building a relationship with your readers and visitors, via a subscribers list. And especially if you deliver great content that keeps them coming back.
Play Video
5.Build a relationship
An autoresponder is the tool you need to use to send out regular updates via mail to all those subscribers which you collected their name and email adres. Whether it’s a new blog post or a special offer. Or maybe it’s a review of a great tool which can help you grow your business, you can use your autoresponder services to help you achieve this.
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If you do this right you can grow your exposure and profits 

Take care and till the next post.
Remember to take action.

Take care and till the next post. Remember to take action.

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