Let me start by saying that there will be some things in this blog post that would make you say ” I Can’t do that”. If that’s the case, you are just not ready to become an entrepreneur. You just don’t have the right mindset yet. So first thing you need to do is believe in yourself and that it is possible to build a profitable online business. Here are 6 Things to consider before becoming an entrepreneur
First thing you need to learn is how to self motivate. Learn to set yourself up for success every morning. As soon as you wake up you need to get yourself in that positive state of mind. There are different ways you can self motivate. There are even YouTube videos you can check out on how to kick start your day. Check out this short motivation video by Tony Robbins on how to motivate yourself into massive action
And start your day like an entrepreneur should.

This first step is very important , so start practicing this every day. Motivate yourself before you hit the shower. Just look in the mirror and motivate yourself. Make it a daily habit.


Second thing you need to learn is to sell yourself. Don’t be  harassing people. Learn how to trigger people in becoming interested in what is is you have to offer. Off course if you are opening a store or you sell hard products ( like a webshop) then by all means you need to be talking about it. But when selling digital products like courses and affiliate products you need to approach your clients on a different level. I will be writing a blog about this topic next time.
Third piece of advice is for you to get yourself a mentor or a coach. Choose an active entrepreneur to teach you the necessary steps in how to achieve your goals. Not someone who used to be one. Why an active one ? Well….let’s be honest. Would you take business advice from somebody who never was a business owner or had anything to do with a business in their daily life?…EXACTLY
Fourth is to do research. If you go back and check my other blogs about education you will notice that I always encourage people to do research. Try to find out what others in your niche are doing. What are the strategies they apply to make it in their business. Follow them….don’t stalk them on their social media platforms. Make google your search friend.
Fifth thing for you to consider is that most people will listen and follow you if you can help with solving their problem. You don’t have to create new product. The wheel is already invented. 
So again, instead of trying to come up with new products, find out what problems you can solve. You know the saying :where there’s a problem, there is a need.

One of the most important things you need to know is your WHY !!

my last point, but in my opinion the most important. It has everything to do with the above video you just watched. If you didn’t, I suggest you watch the video first before you continue reading. So the last point I want you to consider before you become an entrepreneur is to ask yourself why you really want to start a business. Why do you want to become an entrepreneur. What is it that you are looking for. What is driving that passion.

I hope these six points will help you on your journey in finding your why and in helping you considering in becoming an entrepreneur.

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