Today’s post is all about the websites I visit the most when it comes to learning about Network Marketing and blogging.

  1. Network Marketing Pro

    Eric Worre is known as one of the biggest names in network marketing. He has been doing this for over 28 years.
    He was a top field producer. His organizations has over 500,000 distributors in more than 60 countries. He is the President of a $200 million Network Marketing company.

    This man knows his stuff.

    He is also the author of the international bestselling book Go Pro. I suggest you buy this book. And don’t forget to check out his training videos on his website.

    He also has a YouTube and Podcast channel you can tune in to catch some knowledge on the go.


  1. ProBlogger

    This is a website full of tips and advice to help you start blogging. Darren Rowse has created a blog with almost 8000 articles and tutorials. Everything you need to start blogging you can find here.

    From how to start a blog to building a community online. This is my number one site to go for advice.

    Visit the site and take a tour around and see all what he has to offer.



    I hope you enjoy these two websites.

    Sometimes less is more and by just sharing these two sites today I think will benefit you more, rather than sharing 10 to 15 sites for you to visit.

    But if none of these are something for you please keep searching on your best friend Google  until you find what works for you.


    Thats all for today folks…..

    Remember that it all starts with the right mindset.  


    Till next time,

    Giorgio Boekhouder

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