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In my blog I write about tools and courses. I also write about motivation. Some of the tools I still use today. My blog is my journey building my online business and it's my way of sharing that experience with you

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Personal Development and Book sharing

Some books I listen to are just to good not to share with you. Also watch the videos to motivate yourself and stop procrastinating.

Courses ( coming soon)

These are all courses and webinars I think are important for you to take a look at in order to help you build your business. Every course or webinar I share is free but know that sometimes the host may offer you a product to help you get to your goals with more knowledge and maybe faster. Know in advance that you don't have to buy anything, but I'll share my opinion on some off them.

About Me


My name is Giorgio Boekhouder. Born in 1978 on the beautiful island of Curacao. I have spent most of my youth there before moving to Europe with my mom and younger brother. Welcome to ” your path to your wealth”.

In the year 2000 we moved to the Netherlands to start a new life and to get a higher education. Back in Curacao I just finished my secondary technical school of electronics and wanted to continue in the Netherlands to finally get myself into a university. 

Once in the Netherlands I decided to join the army. This was truly a great period of my life and I lived the army life for just over 12 years. I have been deployed 3 times in those 12 years, once to Bosnia(2004) and twice to Afghanistan(2006 and 2010).

And then a big event changed my path 180 degrees…

In 2013 I received the great news that we were becoming parents for the first time. Not wanting to miss one moment of my daughters life I decided to leave the army. At that time I just wanted a normal day job like everybody else ( at least that is what I thought).

I just could not live with the fact of being deployed and missing my daughter growing up. Luckily I got introduced in network marketing by an old friend and collegae of mine.

I decided to start this journey building my own path to my wealth. The problem was that I started with the wrong mindset. The get rich quick one. So of course no success at all in my first couple of months. So I started searching for help and answers on the internet but all I found were people promising great results when you join their program for free. Just to find out later that you need to upgrade for more information. And these are big ticket upgrades. 

So I decided to start a blog talking and sharing my experience with you. I want to help you build that dream business the right way. With minimum cash as long as you have the right mindset and a lot of patience because there is no ” get rich quick” way, it just does not work like that. So please enjoy my blog and I hope I am able to help you build Your Path To Your Wealth.


Why Am I Doing This..

To be able to earn money doing something I love and in the mean time create a team of people around me with the same passion, interests and mentality to make a change in someones else life.

To provide knowledge and help families become financially free is what this is all about. This is another reason I decided to become an online entrepreneur.

But my main reason is to be able to work around the schedule of my family and not that of a boss. To have the freedom and mobility to be with my family instead of making someone else dream come true.

Now isn’t that something we all want..??

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